Day 21 of Project Happiness – Vegan mugcake

Status – New week

  • Meditate for 2 Minutes – ✔
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – ✔
  • 5 random  acts of kindness per week  – 1/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 0/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0
  • Total car miles saved – 40

Today I waved goodbye to youngest EN, who is off on a residential with school for 5 days for the first time!  Mini EN was almost beside herself with excitement, and is probably still bouncing about in her  dorm even now. 🙂  I wrote her a note,  and got Mr EN and the 2 sisters to also write notes,  so she has one a day to open whilst  she’s away (I’ve counted that as a random act of kindness) 🙂

I’m really pleased with my henna hair.  It’s come out a lovely natural colour, great condition, shiny in the sun, and best of all, it doesn’t smell!!  RESULT!!

Had a lovely (if rather sedate) hack on the kids pony after work today.  He obviously doesn’t share my need for speed,  but that’s probably a good thing as he’s there to look after the kids, not an adrenaline junkie who should  know better 🙂  However, since my mare is lame, it was just nice to be able to get out, get some fresh air,  and admire the beautiful rainbow peeking out from the edge of the storm which was threatening to come get us.  It rumbled menacingly at us a few times,  but we managed to dodge it and come back dry.

After dinner I was still hungry, so googled for vegan mug cakes, and came across this one, which worked rather well!  I adapted it to be sugar (fructose) free, and reduced it, as I find 4 tablespoons is just too much for lil’ ol me 🙂

  • 2 tbsp self raising flour
  • 2 tbsp dextrose
  • 1 tbsp cocoa
  • 1.5 tbsp oil – I used rapeseed but will try vegetable next time.
  • 2.5 tbsp soy milk
  • 1/8 tbsp bicarb soda.

I think it needed to be a bit sweeter,  so may either add an extra 1/2 tbsp dextrose,  or maybe some rice malt syrup,  and will definitely add 0.5tsp vanilla next time.  I cooked it for 1.5 minutes on full in the microwave and it came out lovely and light and fluffy, and just needed that bit of extra sweetness I thought.

Had an interesting discussion today with a colleague who is very very eco aware, and he does not buy into the argument that being vegetarian/vegan is important to reducing climate change.  I need to do more research into this as I am  just not sure, there are so  many conflicting pieces of advice out there.  However,  whilst looking into it briefly I did come across some really interesting sites, including :


Anyway, my aspiring vegan/plant based diet, has been ok today.

  • Breakfast – HM vegan toast with marmite
  • Snack – Apple
  • Lunch – HM vegan bread, hummus with slow roasted cherry tomatos
  • Snack – Digestive
  • Dinner – Vegan burger,  chips,  onion rings,  sweetcorn.
  • Pudding – Vegan mug cake!!



Day 16 of Project Happiness – Kindness


  • Meditate for 2 minutes – 
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – 
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week – 0/5😦
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 2/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0
  • Total car miles saved – 30

A non-de-script day today.  The most positive thing being dinner with the family, and then a lovely walk with Mr  EN after dinner.  After a day full of persistent rain, it was actually a very nice evening, with a gorgeous pink sunset  to admire as we went.

I’ve been a bit bothered by the lack of any random  acts of kindess to report, so had a bit of a google, and the first thing I found was this wonderful site;  It has a wealth of great resources, but one of the best for me is their  calendar,  which has one random act of kindness per day.  It is a bit  late now for me to carry out todays’; ‘Take time to visit with a family member you don’t often see’, but I’m definitely up for tomorrow’s; “Compliment a friend” 🙂  Having read through some  of  the suggestions, I realise that  actually I’ve been doing quite a few of these without realising it.  I will be checking in with it regularly from now on for ideas on what to do.

The website also has some great quotes, one of my favourites is this ;

When we treat people merely as they are, they will remain as they are. When we treat them as if they were what they should be, they will become what they should be.

Thomas S. Monson

I think this is incredibly important to realise, especially with children.  If you keep telling people your child is shy, that is what your child  will be.  It took me a while to realise this, but it’s made such a difference to our lives.

Vegan diet – Almost a success!

  • Breakfast – Toast with vegan spread and Marmite
  • Snack – Banana
  • Lunch – Sarnies with veggie spread (which reminded me forcibly of cat food) and lettuce
  • Snack – Vegan banana cup cake
  • Dinner – Veggie sausage, mash (I assume with normal milk, Mr EN made it and I was too tired to ask/protest) and beans.

Managed to stick to water whilst in different office too, so all drinks vegan too.


Day 15 of Project Happiness – Sleep!


  • Meditate for 2 minutes – 
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – 
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week – 0/5 😦
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 1/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0
  • Total car miles saved – 30

I am definitely operating on my reserves atm.  There has definitely not been enough sleeping happening lately, due to just the amount of  stuff I have been trying to fit in one day.  Therefore, this will be brief.

My positives for today have been :

Vegan Banana and walnut Muffins (from yesterday nights’ bake off session)

2016-05-17 00.10.39

Turned out goooood!

Very bready, but to be expected given my flour mix.  Am definitely going to try them again,  will use normal wholewheat flour next time instead of the bread flour, and will do more with walnuts next time (only did a few this time as mini EN isn’t keen) as I think they really finish them off nicely. They are just fantastic with a cup of tea, and I love the indulgent dark chocolate pieces in them. Definitely a keeper recipe 🙂

A wonderful dinner cooked  by Mr EN.  I really do owe him atm.

The children doing well in their GCSE’s so far.  Fingers crossed!

A positive health check

Had a health check done by Lloyds pharmacy for my life insurance points.  They confirmed I am a non-smoker, I have low blood sugar levels (is that to be expected given I try to avoid fructose?), low blood pressure, low BMI (18), but high cholesterol.  We discussed diet and she thought trying to move towards a vegan diet would help with the cholesterol, as I did have rather a penchant for cheese before, and would indulge at least once a day, used butter every single day,  and used cream in LOTS of my cooking.  Their computer  suggested I might consider trying to accumulate more muscle mass to help with putting on weight, but as I’m already fairly well off in that department for  a female of my stature, just through being active with horses and karate.  I don’t think I’ll be taking their  advice, lest  I turn into  something like  this!


(Attempted) vegan diet today :

  • Breakfast – Baked beans on homemade vegan bread,  vegan spread/.
  • Snack – Banana and grapes.
  • Lunch – Eggplant soba noodles from Eat like you give a f*ck
  • Snack – Vegan banana and walnut cupcake
  • Snack #3 – Bread and butter
  • Dinner – Pasta with salmon, chilli pesto,  spinach, and sun dried tomatos with french bread and vegan spread.  Heavenly.


Day 12 of Project Happiness – Super Saturday!


  • Meditate for 2 minutes – 
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – 
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week – 2/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 0/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0
  • Total car miles saved – 20

Happiness is :

  • 2 hours of karate, including some sparring, some bo work and a run through of the katas.  Awesome way to spend a Saturday morning!
  • An afternoon in the garden planting.   Some of it I think isn’t likely to grow as I’ a bit late with it due to just being so crazy busy, but thought it worth a try.  Also relocated my (plastic) greenhouse to a better location which I’m hoping will help.  Today I’ve sown :
    • Peas (2 varieties)
    • Tomatos (3 varieties)
    • Cabbages
    • Cauliflower
    • Spinnach
    • Sweet Peppers
    • Jalepeno Peppers
    • Hot peppers
    • More mint
    • Carrots
    • Celery
  • Being bought flowers by my gorgeous middle EN sprog, “just because” 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Going for a drink in the sun with my EN on the way to doing the ponies.
  • Family games night.

What a super day.  Even being punched very hard in the nose by a blackbelt (luckily with gloves on) who doesn’t understand the concept of taking turns, and whacking myself in the knee with the bo, hasn’t taken the shine off of it.

With regards to the walking, although I haven’t *been* on any specific 30 minute walks,  it’s rare that I do under 10,000 steps a day, so generally do around 5 miles or so on a normal day.  However, I do want to get out on some more walks with Mr EN.

Vegan diet was a mixed bunch today :

  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs (made with soy milk) on toast.  Eggs just seem healthy, especially as these come from a local farm where they roam freely.  I can’t seem to make myself feel bad eating them but I am certainly eating a LOT less now.
  • Lunch – Freekah salad, totally vegan, with some jalepeno bread
  • Snack – crisps and a alcohol free beer whilst gardening 🙂
  • Dinner – Veggie chilli, jalepeno and cheddar bread 😦 with vegan spread, followed by melon and pineapple for pudding.

EN – very happy 🙂

Day 11 of Project Happiness – Swallow!

  • Meditate for 2 minutes – 
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – 
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week – 2/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 0/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0
  • Total car miles saved – 20 (10 today)

Today’s positive had me beaming from ear to ear.  I had gone to fetch the pony from the field, and she was quite a long way down, looking rather unenthusiastically at my arrival.  We started trudging back up the field towards the yard, and were immediately joined by a small flock, about 10 birds, of what I thought were swifts, but now having checked the RSPB site I think are swallows; swooping and diving all around us.


“Swallows are small birds with dark, glossy-blue backs, red throats, pale underparts and long tail streamers.” – RSPB Website

I assumed initially that they were after the insects around the horse dung, but to my surprise they stayed with us ALL the way up the field.  The were swooping only a couple of inches off the ground, wheeling round then coming back at us again.  They were so close I thought one was going to hit my leg on one occasion.  They were really pretty up close, I had thought they were black and white, but up close in the light their feathers have an iridescent blue shine to them,  absolutely gorgeous.  They reminded me of a humming bird as they seemed to hover at times as they banked and changed direction.  They were chirping as they went past too, so I tried chirping back at them, not sure if they noticed or not though!

Had a good cycle to and from work, despite the wind and grey weather, and eldest EN sprog had a lovely ride on the pony who looks like he’s feeling better now.  She is starting up a tack cleaning venture at the yard, so has been practising taking my tack apart and putting it back together which has been amusing for me if nothing else. 🙂

Vegan venture has definitely failed for me today.  Friday is pizza day in my house, and I still haven’t found a quick, easy and tasty alternative.  Mr EN bought me a veggie shop one which I ate some of.  Interestingly, I ran out of rice milk at work and was gasping for a cuppa so had cows milk.  Ewww!  I thought the first lot must have been off, but turns out it’s just me!  My taste buds seem to be changing.  My pizza tasted odd too!

  • Breakfast – Beans on toast
  • Snack – Breadsticks and hummus
  • Lunch – Mixed vegetables with barley and endame beans.
  • Snack – Flapjack
  • Snack 3(!) – Marmite on vegan hm bread
  • Dinner – Pizza 😦


Day 10 of Project Happiness – A very good cause

Status :

  • Meditate for 2 minutes – 
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – 
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week – 2/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 0/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0
  • Total car miles saved – 10 (10 today)

What a simply wonderful spring/summer day!  A nice breeze keeping things fresh, but the sun was out in all it’s glory, and nature was proudly showing off all the frills on her skirt.  I cycled in to work today and it was glorious, I felt absurdly lucky to be fit enough to do this ride, and to be in a location that offers me such sublime scenery to enjoy en route.  The lambs are getting bigger now, and the sound of them calling to each other fills the air as I cruise along.  We’ve had a lot of rainfall recently which means the streams I cycle over are very full, and rather than merrily babbling along, this morning seemed like they were on a very important  mission.  I love how much more wildlife I discover on my bike; it’s so much quieter that the car that the animals don’t seem to mind so much, and I have rabbits nibbling away and paying me no attention as I whoosh past, and the other morning I had a red kite swoop right over my head as he came in to rest on a fence by the side of the road.


So another 10 miles I didn’t have to do in the car.  Hmmm, I ought to keep a record of how many miles I save……added to the status 🙂

My act of kindness is actually one of my huge positives of today, and I am just so so pleased I can help in this way.  The yard where I keep my ponies has it’s own facebook group, and a lady who’s children used to ride there posted today about her friend’s 4 year old daughter who is currently undergoing aggressive cancer treatment.  Apparently all this little girl wants is to spend time with a pony and have a ride.  They’d had something arranged but it had fallen through.  I immediately offered them some time with my children’s pony.  He’s already used every week for Riding for the Disabled Association, and is very well behaved, and he’s incredibly cute, although will be quite big for this little one.  They were very pleased to find something, and so she and her cousin are coming to visit on Sunday.  My eldest daughter and I are going down in the morning to give him a bath so he looks gorgeous, as the woman who arranged it is a photographer and is going to come and take some piccies of them all.  How fantastic to be able to help in this way!

Vegan food has suffered today.  I started off really well by making a fresh vegan loaf, by replacing the butter with olive oil.  It’s actually delicious!


Unfortunately though, I always struggle with what to fill it with….and put on it.

  • Breakfast – poached egg on toast
  • Snack – Green smoothie
  • Lunch – Tuna and mayo sarnie
  • Dinner – Very unhealthy spring roll, onion rings and chips from the fish and chip shop!!

Green smoothie recipe – was ok, but too many pea shoots I think made it taste weird.

  • 1 cup of kale salad (including spinach and peashoots)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 round of melon
  • coconut milk to cover.



Day 9 of Project Happiness – Improved relations

Status :

  • Meditate for 2 minutes – 
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – 
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week – 1/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 0/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0

It’s a good job that I am doing a happiness project currently, otherwise I might be quite stressed out by all the negatives going on currently!  However,  there are always positives,  and the negatives could be oh so much worse!

I was quite disturbed by a conversation with oldest EN child (17) at dinner where she stated and held firm to the opinion that there was no point worrying about green issues, you might as well just enjoy yourself and have fun.  I’m shocked I guess because I had thought at least some of what I’ve been talking about might have sunk home, and also just because I’d thought the up and coming young generation are more aware than my generation ever were.  Further discussion from a colleague who is much more passionate than I about all things Green revealed that he has been doing some research into this, and has discovered that actually some of the strongest doubters are people with a mind of a more scientific nature, in what has been termed, “the smart idiot effect”.  You can read more about how to convince people about global warming here, although I suspect that it won’t help me with my ‘invincible’ 17 year old daughter.  However, I do recall feeling similarly untouchable and arrogant at that age,  dismissing concerns without so much of a thought, other than to think that whilst we would probably kill of mankind at some point, the planet itself would live on.  Nowadays, having children, more emotional intelligence, and hopefully less arrogance,  I have a rather different view, and am very interested in finding ways for my whole family to become more green.

So positives for today; main positive has been eldest EN daughter.  We have been going through a rough patch in the relationship recently, where she has withdrawn from the family completely, spending the majority of her time in her room.  She doesn’t engage with us very much, but will argue at the drop of a hat, so everyone walks on egg shells around her and avoid as much as possible any interaction in case she takes it the wrong way.  It’s a real shame as she is a wonderful, funny, and caring girl  who can be fantastic company when she wants to be.  I think she has a lot of worries about school work but doesn’t seem to like to share.  Today she put in a real effort.  She came down to the yard with me to do the ponies, and we had some interesting conversation, a few laughs and just generally a nice time.  I suggested to middle EN daughter that she might like to start up a tack cleaning company to earn some extra pennies, but she has decided against it.  However, eldest EN is going to do it instead.  This meant she stayed downstairs tonight practising cleaning a borrowed bridle, and it was really nice just having her around, almost like the old days.  Long may it continue!

Mini EN is feeling a bit better today, and had a good SATs exam which she thinks she did ok in, despite forgetting her lucky mascot!  However, I did spot this article,  which made me a little cross, in particular about the provocative title:

Stop whining about Sats: Mollycoddled children will turn into hyper-sensitive students.

Excuse me?!  I fail to see how being concerned that forcing children to live up to unrealistic targets set by out of touch governments is ‘mollycoddling’ children, or how it’ll turn them into hyper-sensitive students.  Whilst I accept that with this statement Clare Fox is probably referring to the parents who boycotted the SATS (and trying to sell her new book at the same time), it sweepingly covers and thus dismisses, many other justified concerns from parents.  I stand by my original stance that 10 year olds should not be subjected to this level of stress, I don’t remember ever having to do tests like these at school, and I’m sure Ms Fox didn’t either.  To have children in tears and not sleeping does not show that they are hyper-sensitive, it shows that they are 10.

Dozens of teachers reported to the NUT the sheer unhappiness of a testing experience which did not allow pupils to show the best of what they could do, but instead subjected them to baffling, dull and culturally remote material. – See more at:


Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Enough is enough. This is not just about leaked questions or answers. It is about the total chaos and confusion that primary assessment has become. Teachers are in despair about the health and well-being of their children and the damage to education brought about by these flawed tests. – See more at:

Whilst I hope for my daughter’s sake that she does well and gets confirmation of all the hard work she has put in, I also hope that the results show what a farce this whole thing has been, and prompts a serious review.

Speaking of farces, I quite liked this :


Returning to the usuals, I had a good day with regards to food today :

  • Breakfast – Beans on toast (no butter!)
  • Snack – Satsuma and a banana
  • Lunch – Noodles and stir fried veg
  • Snack – crisps
  • Dinner – Spicy rice dish with jalopeno bread 🙂

Night all.


Day 5 of Project Happiness – Kata

Status :

  • Meditate for 2 minutes –  
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – 
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week – 2/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 3/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0

A really fantastic day today; it’s not at all difficult to find good things to write about.  Started off with a lay in as the ponies are now in the field 24/7 so I don’t need to go up early to turn them out.  Result!  Then off to karate for a couple of hours.  I haven’t been as much recently due to my rotator cuff injury and time  constraints, and today’s session made me regret my time off – it was fantastic.  Started off with lots of paired sparring work which opened the pipes up nicely, and means I am now sporting some interesting forearm blocking bruises.

Finished the session doing kata practice with Jason,  a black belt who is excellent on the detailed finishing touches  you need for  a really good quality kata.  The session included the two Mr EN and I need for our next grading to 1st Kyu, and I’m now really happy with Pinan Godan, and feel comfortable with the sequence  of the other one (Naihanchi), just need to get the power into  it now, and the finishing touches on it.

Next up was watching mini EN do her basket ball tournament, then down the yard with medium EN to take her for a ride round the field.  My mare is lame atm so I went round on foot which meant I’ve easily done my 3rd brisk walk of the week, with quite a lot spent in ‘trot’, although I did concede defeat when we moved  on to canter 🙂

Mr EN has prepared dinner,  not wholly in line with my current nutrition plans, but I can’t deny I’m looking forwards to it, and mini EN has prepared chocolate brownies (very low fructose content and gluten free) for dessert, recipe here.  We substituted the caster sugar for dextrose, and used less coffee in the hot chocolate sauce.  It was *heavenly* last time so I can’t wait.  We missed the Masterchef final,  so will be watching that over dinner, what  a fabalicious way to spend an evening 🙂

Smoothie today was to use up the leftover fruit in the fridge :

  • 1 x Cup of baby kale
  • last of the strawberries
  • 2 x kiwis
  • 1 x banana
  • mint leaves
  • coconut  milk and a little bit  of rice milk to top up as I  was low on coconut milk.

Off to enjoy dinner  now 🙂

Edited : Forgot to say,  I’ve been reading Your Money or Your Life,  and I have loved the part about when you are working, you are using up precious life energy.  That has really made me think about how I spend my time, and what it’s worth to me.  The book points out that when you are aged 40 (which I will be very soon) you have on average  349,763 hours of life energy left before you die.  If you take into account what it calls ‘necessary body maintenance’, i.e. sleeping, eating,  eliminating,  washing and exercising, takes up about half your life, that means 174,882 hours for other things, including work.

This has been rumbling around my conciousness for some time now, as it puts a very important emphasis on work, given the HUGE role it plays in our life, and in particular how much of our vital life energy it consumes.  I can see a lot of negatives, some of which are ;

  1. I work for an oil and gas company, which is not in line with my core life values.
  2. I spend 40 hours a week away from family doing this work.
  3. In my opinion, my work is not providing any value to the world.

However, there are a lot of benefits ;

  1. It pays me.
  2. It pays me enough that I can support ‘extra’ things which I feel are important to our family, namely horses.
  3. It pays me enough that  I can (or will soon be able to) put extra money into my mortgage,  which supports my goal of FI.
  4. It allows me to work hours which minimises the impact of  point 2 above.
  5. I like the people there.
  6. I do not have to work overtime.
  7. It is not high stress.

I have been worrying a lot about the balance of this, and whether I should be doing something more in line with my ethics and values, but realising that this would  not fit in with my goal of FI.  The part of the book which I read today finally laid that to rest.  This chapter *defines* work.  It states that despite the facts that there are lots of factors which you can benefit from by working, such as new skills, feeling of power, achievement of recognition, feeling of contentment, self expression etc. etc.  Actually, all of these can be obtained doing other, non-paid activities.  The only thing which actually defines work as work is that you are paid for it.  And that if you are going to expend your life energy doing work which doesn’t necessarily fit all of your life ideals, that is fine, so long as you have a good reason for it.  And I think mine is very good.  I want to be FI before I am 50 so I can put my post FI years to good use doing things which are in alignment with my values.  So for me, the important factors in the list above are 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7.  The lack of high levels of stress is, I think important, due to the health implications of stress on the body and mind.

So, I am content that what I am doing is right for the time being, and I have a short term, mid term, and long term goal which I’m happy with.

Short Term :

Be a good mum and wife, make a happy and healthy home which is as ecologically friendly as possible, for myself and my family, and put as much as possible into paying off the mortgage.

Mid Term Goal : 

Become Financially Independent, increase my household’s self sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

Long Term Goal :

Work less, and develop projects which are in line with my core values and utilise my skills to help others.  A few ideas which I feel strongly about :

  • Help children become more financially savvy.
  • Work to reduce the media pressure on children to become sexual objects.
  • Help to educate the younger generation to becoming self sufficient, and bring back the core family values, and recognition of the importance of ‘work’ within the home.

Right, enough musings, off to bed now.


So, as you may have  gathered from my first post, I am not your standard vegetarian.  My reasons for going vegetarian have little to do with animal welfare, although that is important to me so I have been buying free range/organic meat and eggs for some years now.  I have also considered going vegan for those reasons, but think that the dairy produced over here have far better welfare standards than the ones  we hear scare stories about so  often in America, so for now I am continuing to indulge my love of cheese and milk.

However, that all said, I haven’t eaten a scrap of meat since Christmas Day 2015, and prior to that hadn’t eaten any meat for  a month or so.  I am  still eating fish, although a post from a blogger I follow, and articles like this one in the Huffington Post are making me seriously rethink this.

Shortly after I decided to go veggie, my youngest daughter watched a video which included some information on the production of meat for consumption, and decided to go veggie also.  She is 10, and has been veggie also for around 2 months.

Since the decision, I have been avidly collecting veggie recipes on pinterest, along with all the sugar free ones I can, as I avoid sugar like the plague since reading books like That Sugar Book and Sweet Poison .  Given my husband is coeliac, it means I have to get quite creative at times in the kitchen, which I don’t always have time for.  I try to make all my own bread, and LOVE my bread maker.  I use rice malt syrup instead of sugar, and it’s  just lush, I’d never go back to buying bread now.  I’m getting into the swing of making rolls also to help out with lunches.

Given how much I love bacon, and how much meat I used to eat, I’m amazed at how much I’m loving being veggie.  It has really pushed me into being a lot more creative, and I’ve found that I really don’t miss the meat at all.  I do need to do a quick check at some point though to make sure we’re getting all the vits, minerals and the like that we need, especially as the mini EN is doing it too, but our diet is fairly varied and getting more so all the time, so I think we’re doing ok.

I think I’ll pin a post with veggie resources (for my own benefit more than anything else, as I don’t know if anyone would ever be interested in reading my ramblings).

Lunch over, signing out for now.