Clickety clack! cry the wheels of the train,

Which drag me disconsolate from your haven.

My belly writhes with angry termites who gnaw and scuttle,

My heart feels strangled, suffocating,

And the wisp of grey poison winds ever deeper through the twists and turns of my brain.

My eyes wander listlessly over the fertile green ‘scape,

And catch sight of Freedom herself,

Coasting gently on a silent breath.




Time dances alongside Freedom to the notes of their own sweet harmony,

As jealous I look on,

And sweet lambs romp together, blind to their lilting song.

But for those dear shades, with kin standing guard,

Against that unknown foe,

They know the tune and answer it’s calling.

But I fear the misshapen sound.

Am I such a slave, bound mute and deaf,

With ties I can not see,

But which shine bright within my dreams,

And mock me through Night’s velvet embrace.

Clickety clack, clickety clack cries out my heart,

It beats to find the question,

And the answer is what drives the wind, caressing Freedom’s wings.