Day 38 of Project Happiness – Summer Fairs and Soy cream

Status (Yesterday)

  • Meditate for 2 Minutes – Yes
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – Yes
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week  – 4/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 1/3
  • Unnecessary items bought – 1
  • Total car miles saved – 70

Another lovely day, despite the rain forecast.  Fingers crossed it holds off as Mini EN has a summer fair at her school this afternoon/evening and she’s manning a stall which her and her friends have designed.  They were given a £15 budget to design and make the stall, and were taken into town earlier this week to buy all the stuff for it.  Last night I loaded up her ipod with her current favourite tunes for her to play there, and she’s gone off very excited about it all 🙂

Last night we cooked Rigatoni pasta for dinner.  We haven’t had this in a while as traditionally I made it with onions and tomatos, added in ham, and then once the pasta was mixed in stirred in cream.  It was delicious, but not vegan.  So last time I did my online shop I discovered they did soy cream, which meant last night we were able to split the base sauce in two, add ham to one and mushrooms to another, and then I would be able to use soy cream at the end.  Except, it turned out the ‘normal’ cream for them had gone off, so they ended up using my soy cream too.  Everyone agreed that it tasted no different at all, and all plates were polished.  I didn’t miss the ham at all, and felt that it was just as tasty with mushrooms.

Really need to look up some good vegan garlic bread recipes though.  I’m thinking a nice flat bread with olive oil, garlic and rosemary would be lush.

Plan for tonight after the fair is to cook some cakes and cookies to last through next week for mini EN and myself as I’m going to be away all week.

I think I will try these two recipes from ChocolateCoveredKatie’s site :

I had planned also to watch some of the EU debates on catch up, but I’m sceptical as to whether I will get time.

Good deeds have been :

  • Friend was having difficulties with her horse, so ran back to her stable, got her keys for her car so I could get her body protector for her to wear, then led the horse down the road and through the gate which was bothering it.
  • HR/Admin lady in our office has gone home sick, so picked up a query which came in for her and did it.
  • Mucked out the stable of the lady who loaned me her horse to ride yesterday.

Plant based diet today

  • Breakfast – Home made bread, toasted with marmite
  • Snack – Crisps
  • Lunch – Pearl Barley salad (no avocado today 😦 ) and sweet potato falafel (I’m going to look like a falafel soon!)
  • Snack – Carrot cake (last piece)
  • Dinner – Vegan Pizza

2 thoughts on “Day 38 of Project Happiness – Summer Fairs and Soy cream

  1. They sound good too, the only thing I’d struggle with is what to do about the sugar, as I try to avoid fructose. Could maybe replace white sugar with dextrose, and brown with rice malt. Worth a go 🙂


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