Day 23 of Project Happiness – Pony maintenance & Carrot Muffins


  • Meditate for 2 Minutes – ✔
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – ✔
  • 5 random  acts of kindness per week  – 1/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 0/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0
  • Total car miles saved – 50

Today has been all about the horses.  My mare who is currently lame had a lovely equine physio out to see her at lunch time.  The physio really made my day by confirming that there are no apparent extra issues.  She’s to have an extra 2 weeks off from ridden work, then we try her again.  Fingers crossed.

Then later on the farrier came to trim and re-shoe.  Feet all ok, just the bank balance which isn’t!


This morning I made vegan carrot muffins, courtesy of the Thug Cookbook.  They were supposed to be carrot and apple muffins, but I realised at 5:15am when I started making them that I had no apples, and so just upped the carrots instead 🙂  The recipe had sugar in it, so I swapped that out for an equal amount of dextrose, and a squirt of rice malt syrup too.  I was very excited putting them in the oven as I haven’t had carrot cake for ages.  20 minutes later I eagerly tested them, to find they weren’t cooked.  Hmm.  Gave them another 3 minutes, then another 5, then another 2 and took them  out thinking they must be done!  By this point I’m running a bit late so went out to water the veg plants.  Came back in and eagerly tried one, only to find they definitely still weren’t cooked.  Gahhh!  They’d started to brown, so I put them back in on a fairly low heat, and went up to dress and get ready for work.  Came back down, still not ready so put the timer on for another 10 minutes(!) and left them to my daughter to sort  out.  Gutted that I had to go off without one as they smelled divine!!

However, the bonus was that when I got home, I had  gorgeous fresh carrot and walnut muffins awaiting me, and they do taste fab!! They had sunk due to all the ins and outs, but they taste mighty fine.  Will definitely be trying them again.  🙂

So my mainly plant based diet today was ok-ish :

  • Breakfast – Scrambled egg on muffin
  • Snack – Banana and satsuma
  • Snack 2 – Doritos
  • Lunch – Marmite sarnie
  • Snack – Carrot and walnut muffin
  • Dinner – Vegan pie,  jacket and runner beans.





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