Day 18 of Project Happiness – Gramps

Today has been devoted to a truly deserving, courageous and lovely man; Gramps.  At 95 years of age he has had a long and fascinating life, serving in the last World War until he got taken out by shrapnel and airlifted home.  He’s set up his own company, he’s built his own house, he was married for nearly 70 years to his wonderful wife Grandma Maisie who sadly passed away 5 years previously.  He was an amazing father, grandfather and great grandfather.  Gramps was also an awesome gardener, creating a garden that not only did family love to gather in, gossip in, and generally spend time together in, but was so superb that people used to leave cards to say thank you for creating such a beautiful spectacle and how much they enjoyed walking and driving past.  The church was overfilling with family and friends keen to pay their last respects, and the vicar did him proud with a touching service, as did Mr EN and his sister with beautiful eulogy/readings.

We retired after the service back to the house he shared with Mr EN’s mum, where we sat in the garden in the sun, and admired his handiwork.  We finished the day with a family dinner out at a local pub/restaurant, and I feel blessed to have been part of the day, part of the family, and to have known such a special man.

RIP Gramps. xxx


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