Day 6 of Project Happiness – Vets

Status :

  • Meditate for 2 minutes – 
  • Write about something positive for 20 minutes – 
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week – 2/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 3/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0

Today has not gone quite according to plan.  The plan was to do a pony club rally with mini EN,  and then do some  gardening, planting some beans in the new raised beds.  I was a little concerned about the second part of the plan as  I think we are due frosts again next weekend, however,  it turned out to be a moot point.  As soon as  mini EN got on, pony tried to roll, and got worse throughout the session until I realised  he had colic.  Queue one vet visit; sedative,  painkiller and anti-spasmodic injections given and we were able to transport him  home.  Another vet visit back at the yard and some careful monitoring and fingers crossed he will be ok.  Here is a piccie of him in the trailer ready to go home, feeling very drowsy after his injections.


There were positives though.  We were lucky with the weather,  walking around for that long in the sun was fairly pleasant in the sun, we had a picnic to munch upon whilst we were waiting, pony was fairly easy to deal with and vet got there quickly.

Whilst we were waiting for vets, medium EN was away at an air cadets athletics competition  and took second place in discus and third place in high jump.  Whoop whoop! Very pleased for her.

The time  waiting for vets and for pony to get better gave me plenty of time to think, and I have now put together some graph paper to track the income, expenditure, and capital income for Mr EN and I.  I’m hoping that using this I can predict a likely FI date!!

A quick word on dietary doings.  After watching the  BBC documentary ‘How to live Longer’ I have made a decision to eat a more vegan diet, trying to avoid  more dairy.  This is predominantly for health reasons, but I’m also uncomfortable with the direction the dairy industry is going, and the ecological  impact is obviously a big factor too.  However, this  is a LOT tougher than I had  anticipated, and not just because  I have a definite love affair with all kinds of cheese.

I adore a good strong cheddar, absolutely love some  fresh sheep or goats cheese, and find it hard to resist a mature Stilton.  Since becoming veggie one of my treats has been a good  crusty brown roll filled with Camembert and grapes, and since going sugar free, my go to desert in restaurants has been the cheese platter.  What to do now?

I also thought I’d find milk difficult, but there are so many varieties now, that the main problem was finding one that didn’t curdle my tea.  I don’t drink coffee, but love a nice cuppa tea.  Fortunately, after some experimentation, I’ve discovered that rice milk works great in tea, and coconut milk works brilliantly in  smoothies 🙂

However, they are not so good in cereals.  I’m sure they’ll work fine in porridge, but for my weetabix or conflakes, rice milk is just too sweet, and coconut milk is just wrong!

Butter is another tough one.  I have avoided margarine for years due to how unhealthy it is, and I just can’t bring myself to eat it now.  I have the ingredients now for home made vegan butter which I was going to make today, but with all the vet stuff I didn’t get round to it.

Lunches tends to consist of left overs or salads, but it’s just amazing how much stuff contains dairy, including a lot of the quorn stuff.  I like to eat dinner as a family, but although they dealt fairly well with the veggie status, and we were able to work around that quite well, they’ve drawn the line at vegan.  So,  it’s slow going atm.  Today has been a complete disaster :

  • Breakfast – Scrambled eggs on toast, with butter 😦
  • Lunch – Marmite sarnie (butter), crisps, brownie made  by mini EN (with eggs and butter)
  • Dinner – Quorn veggie burger (milk products),  potato salad (shop bought), colslaw (shop bought), salad with vegan dressing.

Very poor show.  Hoping to do better tomorrrow.





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