Day 3 of Project Happiness – Sunshine!

Status :

  • Meditate for 2 mintes – 
  • Write something positive for 20 minutes – 
  • 5 random acts of kindness per week – 2/5
  • Take 3 x 30 minute walks per week – 2/3
  • Unnecessary items bought today – 0

Today is definitely all about the weather.  How amazing is it how much better everyone  feels as soon as the sun truly puts his hat on and comes fully out of hibernation.  One of my colleagues in Australia has been laughing at me for a while as we regularly exchange updates on our respective weather systems.  I am exultantly rejoicing about how good the weather is, as the sun is out,  and the temperature has reached the heady heights of 12 deg,  and he is sadly saying that for him it’s  autumn and getting quite cold, being around 25 deg!!  Sometimes I am convinced I am living in the wrong country.  However, today can in any country, be declared as having had lovely weather.  The sun was smiling down on us,  the birds were a tweeting,  and the heat was such that I saw several people  in shorts :O  I spent most of the day rebuilding my desk, pc and shifting various equipment into my new/old Test Lab, which now is lined with funky work benches so I can be more organised.  Wandering around with the doors open and a gentle breeze wafting around felt relaxing and quite indulgent.

I have taken a decision to have a check box to chart my happiness goal progress, and have it at the top each post.  I also want to add one for my spending status.  Whilst reading “Your money or your life” I was introduced to the idea of enough, loved it, and made a  pledge that I wouldn’t buy anything new this year.  I feel I haven’t done very well on this as everyone gave me money for my birthday,  and I have spent all of it on a variety of things.  Some  were in line with values, like several interesting second hand books, but some not so much.  In particular a new smoothie maker, fake go-pro (for recording the kids riding) and a food processor.  I can conjure up good reasons for all of these (and may go into them later),  but it’s still “new stuff”.  I also caved in and bought all 3 daughters a good luck charm the day before yesterday, as they are all sitting exams  in the next few weeks.  However,  the Happiness Equation book also talks about enough, and has prodded my conscience.  A check box for  what I have spent is one thing, but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t do more than that.  Maybe take 10% of anything I lapse on, and donate it to an eco charity for example.  I quite like the thought of that.

I have done a random act of kindness today.  The (awesome) lady who keeps her horse next to our pony fosters two lovely children who both have varying degrees of special needs.   They come down the yard and enjoy chatting with my youngest, always very keen to help out, and obviously dote on our pony.  Her horse is too big and too young for them to ride, so I have offered them some rides on our pony, along with the loan of a suitable riding hat etc.  He’s used for the Riding for the Disabled Association, so is a good boy and should  look after them.  Here is a picture of him checking whether there were any more treats for him the other morning 🙂


Today’s smoothie was simple but delicious :

  • Baby Curly Kale (1 cup)
  • Handful of fresh strawberries
  • Banana
  • Coconut milk to cover.

Time to  meditate.  Bye for now.



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