Day 2 of Project Happy – Bikes

The only problem with today, is deciding which positive experience to write about.  I was pondering this earlier, and have come to the conclusion that I am probably too focused on rules.  I am super competitive and want to make rules and targets for everything, and it’s probably not always a good thing.  So I decided I’m not going to restrict myself; after all, why on earth would you *want* to restrict happiness?, and just write about whatever positive experiences I think most pertinent.

At the risk of this blog becoming dangerously bike orientated, a large proportion of positive came from  my cycle rides today.  The ride in was just stunning in the sun.  I took the long (and pretty) way round so that my ride was longer than 30 minutes in order to satisfy the petty, pointless rules made by Vitality.  Despite the fact that just my normal route to and from work means if I cycle every day, I cover 2oo miles a month, which I think is a fairly good chunk of cycling, aka healthy activity, Vitality refuse to recognise it.  This is because I do it in two bouts (there and back), and given I’m reasonably fit, each 5 mile section only takes around 21-22 minutes.  It needs to take 30 minutes in order to be recognised on their system.  Doh!  I have complained, regarding that and some shocking customer service I received,  and now have a shiny new Garmin Vivosmart HR which records my increased HR for 30 minutes of bike riding and awards me points.  But this is all positive, because it meant that this morning, these were my views on the way in….

The way back was interesting, and for  me the biggest positive was that I stayed in one piece!!  A friendly colleague has loaned me his tri bars to see if they help alleviate the stabbing pain I get at the back of my right shoulder when I cycle, due I think probably to a nasty collar bone break  I got when my horse tried to do a somersault mid gallop one morning.  Horses aren’t supposed to do somersaults it turns out.  Who’d’ve thought?

Oh. My. Word.  How the hell do people use these tri bars anyway?!  I felt like a toddler who has just had his stabilisers removed.   I’ve no idea how you are supposed to negotiate corners with them that’s for sure.  But, I was very pleased to have them on to try them, and will keep using them for a couple of days and see if they make a difference.

Lastly – Tofu.  I’ve never tried tofu before, and have always spurned it, as if it’s some freakish, weird, pretend food that only hippies eat.  Well, today we ate it too.  I have been reading this fantastic cook book :


So we thought we’d try the red pepper and silken tofu pasta.  Despite missing 2 major ingredients, which increased Mr EN’s stress levels to boiling point, I (and the kids) thought it was rather nice.  Will definitely be using it again, and may even try  the same recipe with all the ingredients once Mr EN has calmed down again.

Mr EN and I combined our  30 minute walk with taking youngest daughter out for a pony ride, but I have failed  somewhat  on the random acts of  kindness today.  I did manage to catch my daughter just as she was  about to bounce off her pony head first, but I feel that’s just instinct/duty/what is right, rather than an act of kindness per se 🙂

Off to do my 2 mins meditation and then sleep.


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