Raised Beds

So, in my quest to grow my own vegetables, a little creativity is needed as the house we are in atm has two disadvantages:

  1. The garden is small.
  2. It’s fully landscaped leaving little room for our veggie friends.

Actually, there is a third disadvantage.  Mr EN thinks that I don’t have enough time to scratch my skinny arse let alone build raised beds and grow food.  He also likes the current low maintenance aspect of it.

However, I am very stubborn persuasive and so currently have this sat in the back garden :


The lovely farmer where I keep my ponies has said that I can have as many of these as I like, so the plan is on Saturday I’m going to start turning them into raised beds.  Now, the last time I did woodwork was at school, so this is unlikely to be a quick, or pretty process, but I’m hoping it will be worth the effort.  I am also going to be using some of it to make a bird box as we’re trying to encourage more wildlife into the garden and youngest daughter is very keen to be involved in this 🙂


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