So, as you may have  gathered from my first post, I am not your standard vegetarian.  My reasons for going vegetarian have little to do with animal welfare, although that is important to me so I have been buying free range/organic meat and eggs for some years now.  I have also considered going vegan for those reasons, but think that the dairy produced over here have far better welfare standards than the ones  we hear scare stories about so  often in America, so for now I am continuing to indulge my love of cheese and milk.

However, that all said, I haven’t eaten a scrap of meat since Christmas Day 2015, and prior to that hadn’t eaten any meat for  a month or so.  I am  still eating fish, although a post from a blogger I follow, and articles like this one in the Huffington Post are making me seriously rethink this.

Shortly after I decided to go veggie, my youngest daughter watched a video which included some information on the production of meat for consumption, and decided to go veggie also.  She is 10, and has been veggie also for around 2 months.

Since the decision, I have been avidly collecting veggie recipes on pinterest, along with all the sugar free ones I can, as I avoid sugar like the plague since reading books like That Sugar Book and Sweet Poison .  Given my husband is coeliac, it means I have to get quite creative at times in the kitchen, which I don’t always have time for.  I try to make all my own bread, and LOVE my bread maker.  I use rice malt syrup instead of sugar, and it’s  just lush, I’d never go back to buying bread now.  I’m getting into the swing of making rolls also to help out with lunches.

Given how much I love bacon, and how much meat I used to eat, I’m amazed at how much I’m loving being veggie.  It has really pushed me into being a lot more creative, and I’ve found that I really don’t miss the meat at all.  I do need to do a quick check at some point though to make sure we’re getting all the vits, minerals and the like that we need, especially as the mini EN is doing it too, but our diet is fairly varied and getting more so all the time, so I think we’re doing ok.

I think I’ll pin a post with veggie resources (for my own benefit more than anything else, as I don’t know if anyone would ever be interested in reading my ramblings).

Lunch over, signing out for now.



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