Eco beginnings

Where to begin?  I’ve made what are for me, some pretty momentous decisions recently, and decided I ought to capture them for posterity.  Whether the blog will survive once these decisions have been either fulfilled, or fall by the wayside is another matter, I guess that depends upon the outcome, and whether it looks like anyone is at all interested in what I’m doing/writing about.

First then, a little bit about myself is probably necessary.  I am an approaching 40 mother of 3 girls, aged 10, 15 and 17, trying to hold down a full time job, and cope with the varying angst ridden hormonal disasters which go along with teenage girls.  I ought to add that I do have a (long suffering) husband, Mr EN, who also helps with these matters.  We also have 2 horses and a bunny.

Whilst I have been aware that there are concerns about Global Warming, it is not something I have ever taken much note of, until fairly recently.  I can’t quite recall what finally opened my eyes to the full enormity of it, but a colleague of mine has certainly helped, and it was following reading a book he recommended Sharon Astyk’s ‘Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Home Front’ that I was really spurred on to take action.

So, I wanted to capture somewhere the decisions I’ve taken as a result of my new found knowledge, and then hopefully record my progress with them over the next year or so.


  • Become vegetarian – I took this as a result of two pieces of information that came to me in quick succession.  From an eco point of view, this article had a big impact on me :  And from a health point of view, this news made me sit up and think, that’s a risk I’m not prepared to take.
  • Not buying anything for a year – Ok, so I don’t mean literally anything.  But I do mean anything not absolutely necessary.  So exclusions are food and basic personal hygiene items.  Also knickers and socks, but mainly for my youngest, as she’s constantly growing atm.  Books I will still buy, but either second hand, kindle version or will loan from library/friends.  If there is something we desperately need, I will source locally second hand, or build/create myself.
  • Growing my own food – I want to grow a good proportion of my own food this year.
  • Buying locally sourced products – I want to try to get as much food that I can’t grow, from local sources.
  • Make as much as I can that we need.
  • Decrease my energy consumption by 25% over the following year.
  • Seriously decrease the amount of packaging/plastics we as a family consume.
  • Pay off an extra 5% of my mortgage this year (more next year as I work my way towards Financial Independence – we have big commitments this year)
  • After this year, not have any further holidays abroad.

So, more blogs to expand on these items over the next few weeks.  I have lots of plans in the pipeline, but a major hurdle is most of my family think I’m crazy, and humour me rather than actively buy into any of my plans.

Posts are necessarily short, as I will be writing them in my half hour lunch…..but hopefully will be frequent.  Watch this space 🙂



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